• Why Should You Work With Me?

    A Writer Who Knows Your Industry

    My background includes positions in industry marketing departments. I know how to ask the right questions, get into the mind of a business buyer, and appeal to their challenges. This means I can hit the ground running and produce content that resonates with your audience.

    Clear Communication With Results

    Before writing, I was a college English as a Second Language professor. Students often struggled to master the subject, even after years of classes. Many students said that, with me, everything finally made sense. I communicate complex concepts in a way any audience can understand.

    Deep Understanding of People

    My experience includes people from many linguistic and cultural backgrounds. This has given me a deep capacity to understand and connect with people, both in your market and the larger world.

    Current Marketing Best Practices

    I'm an AWAI-verified direct response copywriter and content marketing certified with HubSpot. This means you're working with a copywriter who is always up to date. I bring the best practices in copywriting and content marketing to your project.

    Contact me to tell me about your project or learn more about my services.

  • Services

    White Papers

    Having at least one well-written white paper puts your company at a serious competitive advantage.

    Case Studies

    No marketing project is more credible and powerful than a short 2- to 3-page customer success story.

    Blog Posts & Articles

    Increase website traffic, improve SEO, establish thought leadership, and create opportunities for social sharing.

    Website Content

    Most purchases begin with a search, which leads prospects to your website or landing page.

    Email Copy

    Email copy is cost-effective and has the highest return on investment of any marketing project.

    Contact me to start your next project or ask about other types of marketing projects.

  • Projects

    Search Engine Optimization Blog Article

    Search Engine Optimization: When Will I See Results?

    Blog Article

    This article was written for prospective clients and the in-house customer service team at Officite to explain the long-term commitment of search engine optimization.


    Download Sample

    Website Best Practices Published Print Article

    Is Your Chiropractic Practice Surviving or Thriving Online?

    Published Print

    Published in Dynamic Chiro on behalf of Online Chiro to explain modern best practices for small business websites.


    Download Sample

    How to Get Started in Telemedicine White Paper

    How to Get Started in Telemedicine

    White Paper

    White paper created for TherapySites to explain benefits, implementation, and security considerations for telemedicine in mental health practice.


    Download Sample

  • What Other People Are Saying

    Useful B2B Perspective

    Davis Jones, Chief Learning Officer at Eazl (Chicago, IL)

    “Jim's perspective is useful for anyone whose role involves communicating with B2B partners or clients or marketing to them.”

    Communicates the Right Things

    Isabella Duvall, Owner and Manager at Better Shea Butter (Cedar Park, TX)

    “After 6 years of being in business, we needed to create a brand video to tell our story. Jim was able to craft an effective, concise message that communicates all the right things, and that gives a clear picture of our company, what we stand for and what we offer to customers. A great service that I would recommend to any business that wants to increase its brand visibility and spread the right message.”

    Expert in Technical Fields

    Dave Church, Owner/Employee Benefits Broker at The Business Key Corporation (Chicago, IL)

    “Jim is methodical and works through things thoroughly until they’re accomplished. He has a love of learning, especially about technical topics, and is very good at them. I could easily see Jim as an expert in any number of technical fields in which many others would struggle.”

    Beneficial to the Success of a Company

    Olivia Taylor, Director of CRO at Directive Consulting (Irvine, CA)

    “Jim’s strengths are his intelligence and ability to articulate himself through writing. His ability to gather information is very beneficial to the success of a company.”

    Thinks Things Through

    Doug Squeo, Executive Vice President (ret.) at John Morton Company (Chicago, IL)

    “Jim is a good listener, analytical, and takes the time to think things through. This is a positive trait for a writer.”

    Invaluable Contribution

    Ludell Jones, COO and Program Mentor Team Lead at Eazl (Chicago, IL)

    “Jim, your contribution is invaluable to our students. We are so thankful our paths crossed with yours.”

    Understands People

    Kaori Ohtsuba, Professional Athletic Trainer (Tokyo, Japan)

    “One of Jim’s unique strengths is to stick with people. He is super-loyal and his patience level is nuts. Jim has a deep capacity for understanding human beings and their condition. He believes the best for them and this makes him someone people want to turn to.”

    Finds Solutions Quickly

    Adriana Pacheco, Microbiology Laboratory Technologist (Elgin, IL)

    “Jim is able to keep calm under pressure, put aside bias, and see other peoples’ perspectives. He is able to come up with wise and proper solutions quickly.”

  • Drop Me A Line

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